Gude to Japan

The Seasons of Japan

 SPRING––When cherry blossoms fall

Springtime in Japan is one of the best times for a visit. From the first days of March, when flowering plum blossoms emerge, to the last days of May, when the last flowering cherry blossoms are falling from the trees of northern Japan, spring is a time of rebirth, of the dominion of nature and human celebration throughout the land. Appropriate clothing includes jackets and sweaters.


SUMMER––Nature’s play time

Summer arrives in Japan in June with the arrival of a 3-week-long rainy season. The summer begins somewhat coolly with a rainy season, but when it ends in late June, much of Japan is characterized by hot, humid days. This time of year also includes the vacation season, when the beaches and mountain resorts are filled with crowds of people.
Thus, appropriate summer attire includes light clothing, shorts, and swimming attire for the beach.


AUTUMN––Time of falling leaves

Autumn in Japan brings swirls of changing leaves, in vivid hues of crimson, gold, bronze and yellow, that paint its hills and mountainsides in a riot of color. Pleasant breezes send the dog days of summer scampering, and the weather turns mild as the leaves begin to fall. This is the season of harvest, as well as a time of frequent festivals, sports meets and cultural functions around the country.
Recommended clothing includes lightweight outfits, sweaters and jackets.


WINTER––Season of frosty breath

Except for the extreme north, winter in Japan is not very severe, and is usually tempered by warm sunshine and blue skies.The full range of winter sports are available, especially in central and northern Japan.
Appropriate clothing includes topcoats, wool suits, and extra-warm sweaters and jackets.


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