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1. You should expect to see this sign: q_001・Just before a road joins the highway [X] ・At a major intersection [ ] ・At the beginning of a divided highway [ ]

2. If police officer asks you to take an alcohol test, you may choose: ・A blood, breath, or urine test [X] ・A field sobriety test [ ] ・To say the alphabet backwards [ ]

3. A green painted curb means that stopping or parking is permitted only for: ・A limited time [X] ・Taxis and buses [ ] ・Loading or unloading freight [ ]

4. What percentage of traffic deaths are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol: ・50% [X] ・25% [ ] ・75% [ ]

5. After you have an accident or “close shave” you should: ・Decide what went wrong and who made the mistake [X]vTry not to think about what happened [ ] ・Try not to blame yourself or the other driver [ ]

6. It is against the law to change the muffler on your car to: ・Increase noise [X] ・Direct exhaust fumes to the rear [ ] ・Make it gas tight [ ]

7. When driving at NIGHT on a two lane road, lower your speed, increasefollowing distance and: ・Look below oncoming headlights [ ] ・Keep your eyes on the white line in the center of the road [ ] ・Watch for bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians. [X]

8. What is the best way to stop your vehicle quickly? ・Brake hard, and, if you start to skid, use a pumping action on the brake [X] ・Use the brake lightly at first, then step down hard [ ] ・Step down hard on the brake and hold it until you stop [ ]

9. The sign says both cars may turn left. Which car may make a U-turn: q_009 ・Black car [X] ・Both black and white car [ ] ・Neither car [ ]

10. You save gas if you: ・Start slowly and drive at a steady, moderate speed. [X] ・Buy it at self-service stations. [ ] ・Drive on city street, rather than on freeways whenever possible. [ ]

11. When driving near schools, playgrounds, and parks: ・Stay alert for fast moving vehicles [ ] ・Drive no faster than 10 mph [ ] ・Drive more carefully than usual. [X]

12. Driving off the road to pass a car: ・Should never be done [X] ・Is dangerous, but sometimes necessary on country roads. [ ] ・Is permitted if the car ahead is turning right [ ]

13. Driving under the influence of any drug which makes you drive unsafely is: ・Permitted if it is prescribed by a doctor. [ ] ・Against the law [X]Permitted if it is a diet pill or cold medicine [ ]

14. Before you open the door on the traffic side of your parked car you should: ・Give a hand and arm signal for a left turn [ ] ・Step on your brakes to flash your stop lights [ ] ・Look around for bicycles and other vehicles [X]

15. You may make a U-turn at a green light (and green arrow): ・Only if sign says “U Turn OK” [ ] ・Unless a “No U Turn” sign has been posted [X] ・Against a “No U Turn” sign on the green arrow [ ]

16. You must make a financial responsibility report after an accident when damage to one of the vehicle is over $500: ・No matter whose fault it was [X] ・Only if you are not insured [ ] ・Only if it was your fault [ ]

17. When you enter a freeway from an on-ramp, you should be driving at: ・The legal speed limit on the freeway [ ] ・About 10 mph below the legal speed limit on the freeway [ ] ・About the same speed as the freeway traffic [X]

18. This sign means: q_018・Vehicles on this road travel in two directions. [X] ・One way road widens into 2 lanes [ ] ・There are at least two lanes of traffic in each direction [ ]

19. You must always look carefully for motorcycles before you change lanes or make a left turn because they: ・Are hard to see. [X] ・Never have the right-of-way [ ] ・Are always driven too fast. [ ]

20. This sign means: q_020・Divided highway ahead. [ ] ・Fewer lanes ahead. [X] ・Slow down, pavement ends [ ]

21. Looking 10 to 15 seconds ahead of your car on the open highway will: ・Help you avoid last minute moves [ ] ・Warn you of hazards ahead [ ] ・Both of the above. [X]

22. A sign which reads “WRONG WAY” means: ・The road ahead is closed to all traffic. [ ] ・You must not enter this road from your direction [X] ・Enter this way carefully; construction ahead. [ ]

23. When waiting to make a left turn, you should give the right-of-way to cars coming from the opposite direction: ・Until at least two cars have passed [ ] ・Until all dangerously close cars have passed. [X] ・Until five cars have passed [ ]

24. An opened bottle of liquor may only be carried in the car if your parent or guardian is with you and: ・If the bottle is placed in the trunk [X] ・If the bottle is placed in a sealed box. [ ] ・If the bottle is placed in the glove compartment [ ]

25. On long drives, to keep alert and awake, you should: ・Let fresh air into the car [ ] ・If you get sleepy, park off the road and rest [ ] ・All of the above [X]

26. You should drive: ・At the posted speed limit. [ ] ・With the flow of traffic. [ ] ・According to the road and weather conditions. [X]

27. It is definitely illegal to drive when your blood alcohol concentration is: ・.09%. [ ] ・.01%. [ ] ・.08% or more [X]

28. You must not cross a double line to pass another car if the line on your side: ・Has double raised white dots [ ] ・Is solid yellow [X] ・Is broken yellow [ ]

29. If you are passing a school and see children near the street, your speed should be: ・30 mph [ ] ・25 mph [X] ・15 mph [ ]

30. California law says you have agreed in advance to a test for alcohol in your blood: ・Whenever you drive in the state [X] ・Only on the advice of an attorney. [ ] ・Only if an accident has occured. [ ]

31. A slow vehicle must turn off a two lane road at a turnout whenever being followed by: ・Two vehicles. [ ] ・Four vehicles. [ ] ・Five or more vehicles [X]

32. When entering an intersection on a green light you should be careful because: ・Of people crossing the street [ ] ・Some drivers on cross streets may not stop. [ ] ・Both of the above. [X]

33. In California, you may make a right turn at an intersection against a red light: ・Only when on-coming cars have a green arrow [ ] ・If you can move safely without interfering with traffic [X] ・Only if a sign says you can turn. [ ]

34. Entering a freeway, you should look for an open space in traffic and: ・Adjust speed to traffic flow, locate a space to enter and signal. [X] ・Stop, signal, look left, and find a space to enter [ ] ・Adjust speed to traffic flow, blow your horn, signal and merge [ ]

35. The “basic speed law” says that in addition to driving the 55 mph maximum speed: ・You may have to slow down suddenly at intersections with a stop sign [ ] ・You must consider other posted speed limits. [ ] ・You must consider the traffic and weather conditions [X]

36. If you have an accident while driving and there is any injury, death, or more than $500 in damages, you must: ・Make a written report to the Department of Motor Vehicles [ ] ・Stop at the scene, and if you hit a parked car or other unattended property, try to find the owner and identify yourself before leaving or leave a note with your name and address and the name and address of the owner of the vehicle you were driving. [ ] ・All of the above [X]

37. You should not drive: ・After you have taken any drink, drug or medication which changes how you think, or act, or causes you to be less careful [ ] ・If you are not alert [ ] ・All of the above [X]

38. If you are involved in an accident: ・Notify the local law enforcement officers or California Highway Patrol officer if anyone is injured or killed. [ ] ・Show evidence that you have insurance or another type of financial responsibility in effect to any police officer who asks for it [ ] ・All of the above [X]

39. Sleeping pills, tranquilizers, pain medicine, or cold or allergy medication may: ・Impair your driving [ ] ・Increase the bad effects of alcohol on your driving [ ] ・All of the above [X]

40. If a car ahead of you has stopped at a crosswalk, you should: ・Change lanes, look carefully, and pass [ ] ・Tap your horn, to let the driver know you are waiting [ ] ・Stop, then proceed when safe [X]

41. According to the chart in the California Driver Handbook, at 55 miles per hour, how far will it take you to stop? ・Less than 110 feet. [ ] ・Less than 150 feet. [ ] ・More than 225 feet. [X]

42. If you use both your left and inside rear-view mirrors when looking for vehicles near you: ・You will be able to see traffic behind and beside you. [ ] ・You will see any cars in your blind spots. [ ] ・You may not see vehicles near the rear of your car because of a “blind spot” [ ]

43. If your driving record shows you failed to appear in court after receiving a traffic ticket, DMV will: ・Take no action. [ ] ・Suspend the registration of the vehicle you are driving. [ ] ・Suspend your driving privilege until you appear in court [X]

44. If your are under 21, and convicted of drunk driving while operating your own car, the court may: ・Put your car in storage for up to thirty days at your expense [ ] ・Sentence you to spend time in jail and pay a fine [ ] ・Both of the above. [X]

45. If you become sleepy while driving it is best to: ・Stay alert by talking to yourself [ ] ・Play the radio real loud [ ] ・Drive to a safe place, stop and rest [X]

46. You must not cross over a double line on the road to pass another car if the line on your side is: ・Broken white. [ ] ・Solid yellow [X] ・Broken yellow. [ ]

47. You are driving alongside a bicycle lane and want to turn right at a corner. ou should signal, look carefully for bike riders, then: ・Merge into the bike lane before turning [X] ・Make your turn, being careful to stay out of the bikelane. [ ] ・Speed up and pass any bicycle riders before they can get to the corner [ ]

48. A good safety rule, when you are sure you have the legal right-of-way, is to: ・Never insist on it [X] ・Always take it [ ] ・Always let the other driver have it [ ]

49. Carpool lanes are marked with a diamond symbol. To use these lanes during the special hours shown on the signs you must: ・Have a van or bus [ ] ・Have the minimum number of passengers shown on the signs [X] ・Drive at the speed limit or have your lights on [ ]

50. When backing out of an angle parking place, you should always: ・Continue looking through your rear-view mirror while backing slowly [ ] ・Look back over your shoulder and back slowly [X] ・Have someone outside of the vehicle direct you and traffic until you are out. [ ]

51. You must look for bicycle riders in the same lanes used by motor vehicles because they: ・Must ride facing oncoming traffic [ ] ・Are entitled to share the road with you [X] ・Always have the right-of-way [ ]

52. You are driving alongside a bicycle lane and want to turn right at a corner. You should signal, look carefully for bike riders, then: ・Merge into the bike lane no more than 200 feet before turning [X] ・Make your turn, being careful to stay out of the bike lane [ ] ・Merge into the bike lane no more than 50 feet before turning. [ ]

53. When parking your car headed uphill on a two-way street, the front wheels should be: ・Turned to left and allowed to roll back against curb [X] ・Parallel to the curb with the brake set [ ] ・Turned to the right, against the curb [ ]

54. If you hit a parked car and cannot find the owner, you must: ・Leave a note on or in the car [X] ・Wait for the owner to return [ ] ・Leave a message at the nearest house [ ]

55. If you are arrested for drunk driving and refuse to submit to a chemical test of the alcohol content of your blood: ・Your driving privilege will be withdrawn. [X] ・You will receive an additional fine [ ] ・You will not be able to post bail [ ]

56. When driving through fog or rain, it is advisable to: ・Turn on your parking lamps only. [ ] ・Blink your turn signals regularly [ ] ・Turn on your headlights [X]

57. Seat belts properly worn: ・Will prevent accidents. [ ] ・Are required by law. [X] ・Will keep you from moving your body [ ]

58. A pedestrian crossing at a corner has the right-of-way: ・Only when a crosswalk is marked [ ] ・Whether or not a crosswalk is marked [X] ・Only when traffic signals are working [ ]

59. When a mechanical signal or flashing light is operating at a railroad crossing you must: ・Stop, then proceed when safe [X] ・Slow down before crossing [ ] ・Stop only if you see a train coming [ ]

60. Before changing lanes in traffic, you should: ・Give a signal and look in your rear-view mirrors. [ ] ・Look over your shoulder to be sure the lane you want to use is clear [ ] ・Do both of above. [X]

61. Flashing red lights on a stopped school bus mean: ・Stop first, then proceed when safe [ ] ・Stop as long as the red lights flash [X] ・Stop only when you see children in the street. [ ]

62. Two of these seeing habits are recommended for safe driving. Which one is NOT recommended? Turn your head and look before you turn the steering wheel. [ ] ・Fix your eyes on the car ahead [X] ・Keep your eyes moving as you drive. [ ]

63. When another car tries to pass you on a two-lane road, you should NEVER: ・Speed up [X] ・Stay at your speed. [ ] ・Slow down [ ]

64. When driving in heavy fog you should reduce your normal driving speed and use: ・High beam headlights [ ] ・Low beam headlights [X] ・Parking lights [ ]

65. The “implied consent law” says you have agreed to take a test for the alcohol content of your blood: ・Whenever you drive in California [X] ・Only on advice of an attorney [ ] ・Only if an accident has occured. [ ]

66. If a car ahead of you has stopped at a crosswalk to let someone walk across, you should: ・Change lanes and pass [ ] ・Blow your horn as you pass [ ] ・Stop, and proceed when safe. [X]

67. On a highway with less than four lanes in one direction, a passenger vehicle towing a trailer: ・May use any lane for travel [ ] ・Must travel in lane number one [ ] ・Must travel in the lane farthest to the right or in a special marked lane [X]

68. Whenever you leave your car unattended, you must stop the motor and: ・Close the windows. [ ] ・Leave the gears in neutral [ ] ・Set the parking brake [X]

69. Teen-agers as a group have more accidents than most other drivers because: ・They lack the skill to drive safely [ ] ・They do not use good judgement. [X] ・They drive unsafe vehicles [ ]

70. When you park your car uphill, next to a curb, the right front wheel: ・Should be turned to the left with the wheel touching the curb [X] ・Should be parallel to the curb with the brake set. [ ] ・Should be turned to the right against the curb [ ]

71. Your parents may request the DMV to cancel your Provisional License: ・Only if you use alcohol or drugs and drive [ ] ・Only if you’ve lied on your application [ ] ・For any reason. [X]

72. You may cross over a double line on the road to pass another car if the line on your side of the road is: ・Solid white [ ] ・Solid yellow [ ] ・Broken [X]

73. Bicycle riders: ・Have the same rights and responsibilities on the public roadways as motor vehicle drivers [ ] ・Must be given a safe amount of space when being passed by automobile drivers. [ ] ・All of the above [X]

74. You should allow an extra amount of space between you and the car ahead when: ・The driver behind you wants to pass. [ ] ・You are crowded by a car behind you [ ] ・Both of the above. [X]

75. What percentage of accidents occur on city streets? About 21% [ ] ・About 73% [ ] ・About 90%. [X]

76. Use your horn: ・To show other drivers they have made a mistake [ ] ・To encourage other drivers to speed up [ ] ・When necessary to avoid an accident. [X]

77. You will quickly ruin your engine if you drive without enough: ・Transmission fluid. [ ] ・Oil. [X] ・Battery water. [ ]

78. What is a common factor in the traffic deaths of teen-age drivers? Their need to push themselves and their cars [X] ・Their slow reflexes. [ ] ・Their fear of taking risks [ ]

79. A curb painted white means: ・Stop only long enough to drop off passengers or mail [X] ・No parking [ ] ・Parking is permitted [ ]

80. You are driving the speed limit and your passengers say you are holding up traffic. You should: ・Retain the same speed [ ] ・Speed up, if traffic is light [ ] ・Change to a slower lane, if possible [X]

81. The following parking is NOT permitted: ・On a hill. [ ] ・Closer than 15 feet of a fire hydrant [X] ・Twenty feet from a railroad track [ ]

82. When stopping for any reason along an open highway, other that as required by traffic, you should stop: ・In the right-hand lane [ ] ・Near the center lane. [ ] ・Off the pavement. [X]

83. You must show evidence that you have insurance or another type of financial responsibility in effect: ・Only if you are involved in an accident [ ] ・If a police officer requests to see it [X] ・If you feel you were at fault for an accident [ ]

84. If your vehicle is parked and becomes a runaway vehicle hitting another vehicle: ・You have to make a written report to the local law enforcement agency [ ] ・You should notify the owner of the other vehicle [ ] ・Both of the above. [X]

85. Lap and shoulder belt combination in your car: ・May keep an accident from happening [ ] ・Are usually safer than lap belts only [X] ・Are intended for freeway driving [ ]

86. Orange colored signs and flags, orange colored road repair machinery and workers wearing orange shirts can mean: ・Be alert, slow down, and be prepared for changed road conditions [ ] ・A warning to look out for workers and danger ahead. [ ] ・Both of the above. [X]

87. Motorcycle riders should: ・Use their headlight during the day [ ] ・Use sunglasses to protect their eyes from dust and insects [ ] ・Drive in bike lanes whenever possible to avoid collisions. [X]

88. A properly worn seat belt will: ・Probably make you tired on a long trip [ ] ・Reduce risk of injury and death. [X] ・Keep you from moving your body [ ]

89. When a car with bright headlights comes toward you at night you should: ・Look above the oncoming lights [ ] ・Look below the lights [ ] ・Look toward the right side of your lane [X]

90. Driving so slowly as to interfere with normal or reasonable flow of traffic, except when necessary for safety, is: ・A violation of the law [X] ・The right of any driver. [ ] ・Legal, but not advisable [ ]

91. At an intersection with stop signs in four (or more) directions, you must yield the right-of-way to: ・The car on your right [X] ・The car on your left [ ] ・The car signaling a turn [ ]

92. Using the unpaved shoulder of the road to pass to the right of a car ahead of you is: ・Forbidden by law. [X] ・Permitted if you are turning right. [ ] ・Permitted if car ahead is turning left [ ]

93. If a man is crossing the street at a corner without crosswalks, you should: ・Take the right of way but do not hit him [ ] ・Slow and proceed with care [ ] ・Let him have the right of way. [X]

94. You must not cross two solid yellow lines in the center of the roadway to: ・Make a left turn [ ] ・Overtake and pass another car [X] ・Park on the other side of the street [ ]

95. A flashing red traffic light at an intersection means that you must: ・Stop before entering. [X] ・Slow down before entering [ ] ・Wait for the green light [ ]

96. When a school bus stopped on the road ahead of you and is showing flashing red lights, you must: ・Slow to 10 mph in passing [ ] ・Stop until the lights stop flashing [X] ・Change lanes and pass cautiously [ ]

97. When there are no signs showing other limits, the speed limit in a business or residence district is: ・35 mph [ ] ・30 mph [ ] ・25 mph [X]

98. This sign means: q_098・Only trucks have to follow the arrow [ ] ・This is a temporary detour. [ ] ・On this street all vehicles must go the way the arrow points. [X]

99. This sign means: q_099・Pass only on the right. [ ] ・Pass only when safe. [ ] ・Don’t pass at all [X]

100. A yellow painted curb means that stopping or parking is permitted only for: ・Loading or unloading freight or passengers [X] ・Buses, as a loading zone. [ ] ・Emergency and police vehicles [ ]

101. On a moving passenger vehicle both right and left turn signals are flashing at the same time. This signal means: ・It is carrying children to or from school [ ] ・Let the vehicle have the right-of-way. [ ] ・There is a hazard or an accident ahead [X]

102. You are driving a slow moving vehicle on a winding two-lane highway. You must pull over and let other drivers pass when you are followed by: ・5 or more vehicles [X] ・4 vehicles [ ] ・2 vehicles [ ]

103. When you see orange construction signs and cones on a freeway you must: ・Slow down because the road ends [ ] ・Be prepared for workers and slow moving equipment [X] ・Change lanes and maintain speed [ ]

104. You can generally make a left turn off a one-way street from: ・Any lane as long as it is safe. [ ] ・The left lane only [X] ・The left or right lane. [ ]

105. You may not “double park”: ・Except when making a delivery [ ] ・Except while waiting in the car. [ ] ・At any time. [X]

106. When you hear the siren or see the red emergency light of a closely approaching ambulance, police car, or fire truck, and you are not in an intersection, you should: ・Drive to the right edge of the road and stop [X] ・Drive slowly in the right lane until it has passed [ ] ・Speed up to clear traffic [ ]

107. The sign means: q_107・Make a complete stop before turning right. [ ] ・Construction ahead, detour to the right [ ] ・You must not turn right here [X]

108. This symbol at a parking space means that you may park if: q_108・You have a clearance note from your doctor. [ ] ・Your car has special plates or a placard for disabled persons. [X] ・You are taking someone to the hospital [ ]

109. To help avoid being hit from the rear by another car you should: ・Keep parking lights on at all times [ ] ・Signal several blocks before turning. [X] ・Check your rearview mirrors often [ ]

110. To help avoid skidding on slippery surfaces you should: ・Step sharply on the brakes to slow down quickly [ ] ・Avoid quick stops [X] ・Aim for low spots on the road [ ]

111. Defensive driving is: ・Used when another driver makes a mistake [ ] ・The art of driving to stay alive [X] ・Being polite to other drivers [ ]

112. This sign means: q_112・Vehicles on the right go first. [ ] ・You have the right of way [ ] ・Let other traffic go first [X]

113. You are stopped for a red traffic light and the light turns green. You should: ・Start up as soon as the light turns green. [ ] ・Look left and right before starting. [X] ・Let most other cars start first [ ]

114. Drivers with one traffic conviction in three years will have: ・A higher accident rate than drivers with no convictions. [ ] ・A lower accident rate than drivers with no convictions [ ] ・A same accident rate as drivers with no convictions. [X]

115. Before turning left, right-of-way should be given to oncoming cars: ・Unless they are turning right [ ] ・Until it is safe to turn [X] ・Until most cars have passed. [ ]

116. If you are going to make a turn, you must signal: ・During the last 150 feet (about 1/3 city block). [ ] ・During the last one-hundred feet (about l/4 city block) before turning [X] ・During the last two hundred feet (about l/2 block) before turning. [ ]

117. Pedestrians using guide dogs or white canes: ・Must be given the right of way at all times. [X] ・Must be told when to cross street [ ] ・Has the right of way only in marked crosswalks. [ ]

118. Coasting with the gear shift in neutral is: ・Recommended in the mountains. [ ] ・Safe and conserves gas [ ] ・Against the law [X]

119. If you drive up a narrow, steep road, and meet a car with no room to pass: ・You should back down the road. [ ] ・The other driver should back up the road. [X] ・Neither driver should back at all. [ ]

120. Before going on a trip, you should: q_120 ・Have an extra can of gas in the trunk for emergencies [ ] ・Have the frame and engine mounting checked [ ] ・Check the tires and fluid levels [X]

121. At a corner where there is a flashing yellow light, you should: ・Continue at the same speed [ ] ・Slow and cross carefully [X] ・Stop before crossing [ ]

122. You should be most careful when driving: ・After it has been raining all day [ ] ・A half-hour after it stops raining [ ] ・During the first half-hour of rain, especially if it has not rained for some time [X]

123. If your driving privilege has been revoked you may: ・Still drive to and from work [ ] ・Not drive in this state with any license or permit [X] ・Drive only in the presence of a licensed parent or guardian. [ ] ・ Is alright since you should see most of the road ahead. [ ]

124. Constantly staring at the road just in front of your car: ・Will help you see and avoid pot holes and bumps. [ ] ・Is considered unsafe [X]

125. When you turn left into a driveway or parking lot you should: ・Stop in the road before starting the turn [ ] ・Signal and slow down before turning. [X] ・Avoid crossing a double yellow line. [ ]

126. Look to the left and right before entering any intersection on a green signal because: ・Other vehicles may enter~the intersection against the red signal. [X] ・Once you are in the intersection you should look straight ahead. [ ] ・Because cross traffic may have a green arrow [ ]

127. Parking on the wrong side of the street may: ・Be safer for your handicapped passengers [ ] ・Cause other drivers to be warned more quickly when you start into traffic [ ] ・Cause you to be struck by vehicles coming from the front or the rear [X]

128. If you see warning hazard lights when driving at night on an unlit road: ・Turn your car around and drive in the opposite direction. [ ] ・Pull to the right shoulder and stop [ ] ・Continue driving at a slower speed [X]

129. The person who signs for your driver’s license: ・Is not responsible for accidents you may have [ ] ・Is only responsible for you if you are driving cars registered to them. [ ] ・Is legally responsible for any accidents you may have that cause injury or damage to property [X]

130. A law enforcement officer can stop and cite you for violating the safety belt law: ・If you or your passengers over age 4 are not wearing safety belts–this can be the reason for stopping your vehicle [X] ・Only if you are the driver and are not buckled up [ ] ・Only if there is some other cause for stopping your vehicle [ ]

131. When two vehicles are approaching from opposite directions on a narrow mountain grade the right of way shall be granted to: ・The vehicle going uphill [X] ・The vehicle going downhill [ ] ・The larger vehicle [ ]



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